Laskin Redux

On William Laskin…

The following videos are interviews that were filmed by Andy Frank of as he gathered material for the 2010 Estelle Klein Award presentation to Grit Laskin.

TK Musician

Observations about Grit from Tam Kearney, the legendary performer and proprietor of Toronto's Fiddler Green folk club. This is the full interview done i honour of Grit receiving the Estelle Klein award, 2010.

TK Grit Friendship

Tam Kearney discussing his long friendship with Grit.

TK Fiddler's Green

Tam Kearney talking about his own history in the folk club scene, and how the famous Fiddler's Green club, where he eventually met Grit, got started.

LM Grit in General

Fellow talented luthier begins reminiscing about her early friendship with Grit.

KW Personal

The brilliant performer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Ken Whiteley discusses his 40 year friendship to Grit.

KW Musician

KW Borealis

Ken discusses his and Grit's conception and realizing Borealis Records.

JL Personal

Grit's wife discusses how Grit got his nickname, and other personal reflections.

JL Guitar

Grit's early years as a luthier, from his wife's perspective.

JL Borealis

Judith's description of Grit's motivation for forming Borealis Records

JL Book

JK Woods

James Keelaghan talking about The Woods music and dance camp, which Grit runs with his wife Judith and friend Eve Goldberg.

JK Musician and host

James' reflections about his early impressions of Grit, as a performer & songwriter.

JK Music

James Keelaghan playing his Laskin guitar, dating from the mid-70"s.


James talking about the Canadian Folk Music Awards, which Grit helped to create.

JK Borealis

JK Borealis BW

JK Books

JC Music

Jesse Cook doing some impromptu playing, with his Laskin Negra, in the studio of Roots Music Canada.

IR the woods