Steel String

Grit : My Turn (from “A Few Simple Words”) This is the instrumental introduction to a long story-song based on some true incidents of uncelebrated courage. The guitar I used is my largest, a “Semi-Jumbo”, with the low E string dropped to D, capoed at the 2nd fret.

Grit : Guitarmaker (from “A Few Simple Words”) Finally, a song for my trade! Had to write it myself. You hear nothing but guitars on this cut : 6-string, 12-string, bass guitar, electric, slide, arch-top, nylon-string. Even the percussion was created by hand-tapping a guitar back and the clave was rosewood.
Ken Whiteley : Light Of Love (from “Acoustic Eclectic”) Ken is a master multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, known in Canada as the “one-man folk festival” (yet he’s equally known as an award-winning blues player). This is Ken’s intro to an original Gospel song. His 12-string, the very first instrument to use my Semi-jumbo shape, is tuned one tone below concert pitch and strung with medium gauge strings.


Rik Emmett : The Castle of Regret (from “Ten Invitations”) Rik is/was the lead guitarist for the rock band Triumph. Yet here he is, allowing his classical guitar training to shine through with an original composition.

Jazz with Nylon Strings

Wayne Johnson : Puvaman (from “Kindred Spirits”) Wayne is a major US jazz instrumentalist who is currently touring with Manhattan Transfer. On this recording he is using his main guitar: one of my Brazilian rosewood cutaway classicals. He also uses one of my Nagra (rosewood) Flamencos.


Jesse Cook : Improv 1 and La Rumba D’el Jefe (from “The Rumba Foundation”) Jesse is the hottest fusion-Flamenco player Canada has produced. He plays one of my “Negra” flamencos. A Negra has rosewood back and sides and has a somewhat less edgy sound than a traditional Cypres bodied Flamenco.

Note: All audio samples are used with permission of the artists.