Looking to get your hands on some Laskin merchandise that doesn’t involve a waiting list and many-zeros price tag? Here are listed Grit’s CDs, his book on his inlay art and his engraving filler. The CDs and book are available for purchase from, and the filler is available Stewart MacDonald.

A Few Simple Words

From the poignant “My Turn” or the hilarious “Soft and Round” to the haunting “In the Blood,” A Few Simple Words is a thought provoking, witty, and diverse collection of songs from a fine singer-songwriter.

A Guitarmaker’s Canvas

This gorgeous book has over 240 colour images, highlighting 90 selected inlays drawn from the last 15 years. Grit’s running commentary, taking you “backstage,” accompanies every image.

Earthly Concerns

A new collection of songs and tunes from a fine singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. “Grit Laskin. . . is remarkable”-The Midnight Special, WFMT, Chicago. “Earthly Concerns” is an album of songs and tunes concerned with human folly and endeavors.

Unabashedly Folk

A double CD re-release of Laskin’s first two albums “Unmasked” and “Lila’s Jig” Grit Laskin is a well-known singer, songwriter, guitar maker, inlay artist and author with four solo albums to his credit.

Laskin’s Engraving Filler

Master engraver William Laskin’s legendary filler stick accents delicate lines on shell and pearl inlay (works on metal, too). Years ago, Laskin created this special blend for his own use, and it’s been unavailable to the public. Until now…