Holy Grail Guitar Show-BERLIN!

A new pan-European association of guitarmakers has formed and they have organized the first European Guitarmaker’s conference and show, in Berlin, mid-November.  I’ll be the opening speaker there on Friday Nov. 14, then participating in the public show over the next 2 days.  I’m very excited attend and also to get my first chance to see Berlin itself! If any of you have plans to be in Europe next fall, this looks to be the event of the year.

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With each of my instruments so customized and so specific to each client, my model sizes and alternate features are a bit more general that you would find from a larger producer or manufacturer. On this site each guitar type has its own area, within which you’ll find a description of the “base” model specifications as well as listings of some of the more common “alternates”. The engraved inlay art is always an original design – never repeated. As such… more