The Design Process

Design Process

Personal Statement Of Approach

The guitars I build, whether Steel-string, Flamenco or Classical, are constructed to be professional concert level instruments. When asked to summarize my “sound” I begin by describing it as “clear without being edgy” and as having what some players have described as “a mature, round, musicality”. What they’re describing is a richer, wider band of frequencies delivering a fuller sound while maintaining the essential properties of clarity, balance and power. If the above claims sound like hype, please check out the quotes from clients, elsewhere on this site.

Though my clients are buying Laskin designs when they purchase, the variables within these designs are many. (And I’m always open to good new ideas!) In the end I become the “tailor” who customizes guitars in ways particular to each player. It is a role that gives me great pleasure. Acoustics, playability, physical shapes, ergonomic issues, rare materials, aesthetic appointments, inlay art – all are topics for discussion until details are confirmed to each of our satisfactions. Since my clients live around the globe, you can imagine my phone bills!

With each of my instruments so customized and so specific to each client, my model sizes and alternate features are a bit more general that you would find from a larger producer or manufacturer. On this site each guitar type has its own area, within which you’ll find a description of the “base” model specifications as well as listings of some of the more common “alternates”. The engraved inlay art is always an original design – never repeated. As such, the selected samples on view throughout this site are shown to indicate what is possible and to help spark your own imagination.