Grit Laskin – Flamenco Guitars

Grit’s Flamenco Guitars

As with my other guitars, I only build performance level models, whether Negras or Blancas. My standard scale length is 655mmm, but other lengths can be requested.

This is the finest instrument I have played in all my travels
Paco Peña

Standard Features

Spanish or Italian Cypres / Indian Rosewood back & sides, Sitka Spruce or Western Red Cedar soundboard, Spanish Cedar neck, Ebony fingerboard, Rosewood bridge w/ Ebony & Bone tieblock, Ebony binding.

For either model: Ebony friction pegs, capped with Bone or Shell OR Sloane tuners (bonze plate with ebony buttons).


  • Armrest bevel
  • Sideport Soundhole
  • Hoffee Carbon Fibre custom case 


All Flamenco Guitars have ebony fingerboard and body binding, a bridge of Rosewood, with bone/ebony tie-block, a neck of Spanish Cedar, and a nut and saddle of bone. For the rest of the guitar… here are some of the more popular choices:

Soundboard: Western Red Cedar or Sitka Spruce

Back and Sides: Spanish or Italian Cypres or East Indian Rosewood

Tuners: Ebony Pegs, capped with Bone or Shell (or… Slotted headstock with Sloane Machines)



I create custom engraved inlay by request. All designs are original and no design is ever repeated.

Other Options

  • Cutaway
  • Back & Sides: Exotic Ebonies (Macassar, Mun, Pale Moon, etc.), Wenge, Ziricote, African Blackwood (when available), flamed Maple, other species on request
  • Tuners – Internal-geared Ebony pegs w/bone or shell insert (or…slotted headstock with Sloane machine heads.


Please call for the latest prices. To secure a spot on my waiting list I require a deposit of 20% of the base price. The BASE PRICE current at the time of ordering IS GUARANTEED, no matter how long until delivery. Prices for custom features such as inlay art, body bevels, alternate woods, etc. are subject to change at my discretion. Base prices for instruments, custom features and alternate woods available on request. I am reachable by phone or email. I will respond as quickly as I can.