William "Grit" Laskin holding a 2023 guitar created for ArtsCan Circle, with intricate and beautiful inlay art featuring faces and images of Inuit children playing harmonicas, piano, fiddle, and with ArtsCan Circle founder Mike Stevens on the headstock next to the ArtsCan Circle logo.

William “Grit” Laskin

William “Grit” Laskin has been building guitars since 1971, and has been honoured with the Order of Canada (November, 2012). He is the sole musical instrument maker to achieve the prestigious Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence. He pioneered innovations like the “Armrest” and “Ribrest” edge beveling, co-originated the Sideport Soundhole, and gained global acclaim for his groundbreaking Inlay Art.

Grit wears many hats. His primary one is that of guitarmaker, a profession he has pursued since 1971. His steel-string, classical and flamenco guitars are known and coveted around the world. Players of his instruments include: k.d.lang, Ben Mink, Rik Emmett, Tom Cochrane, Jesse Cook, Wayne Johnson, Tom Chapin, Stan Rogers, Ottmar Liebert, Christine Lavin, Ken Whiteley, Cathy Fink,& Marcy Marxer, James Keelaghan, Kobukuro (Japan). Commissions from guitarmaker colleagues and others within the trade include: Bill Collings (Collings Guitars, Texas), Roger Sadowsky (Sadowsky Guitars, New York), Dick Boak (director, Martin Guitars, PA), Bill Kaman (Kaman Industries—Ovation Guitars), Larry Sifel (pres., Pearlworks, MD), Chuck Erickson (the Duke Of Pearl). The Museum Of Civilization, Canada’s equivalent to the Smithsonian, has four Laskin guitars in its permanent collection.

About the process…

Grit Laskin on Grit Laskin.  With an overview of his innovations, process, and the beginnings of his work creating guitars that look stunning, and that many say sound even better.